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Headshot of Emily Read Daniels

Emily Read Daniels, Founder, HERE this NOW, Hancock, N.H.

Emily Daniel’s career began with a strong desire to “make a difference in the world.” Hired at 23 as an executive director of a start-up afterschool program for inner-city children in Wilmington, Del., she witnessed the complex intersection of race, poverty, neighborhood violence and personal trauma. That experience committed her to making a difference for those underserved, invisible or misunderstood.

ACEs, Trauma and the Somatic Experience
ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and childhood trauma can have a profound impact on the developing brain and body. Unmitigated ACEs and trauma are significant contributors to mental and physical illness as well as substance misuse. Moreover, they shape human behavior. In this keynote address, participants will gain a foundational understanding of landmark ACEs study, the corroborating neuroscience and the Polyvagal Theory of human behavior.